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Posted October 30th, 2011

AAAEAdrad congratulates Garth Tander, Nick Percat and the Toll Holden Racing Team on their 2011 Bathurst victory.

Recognised as the ultimate test of endurance for V8 Supercars, nothing compares to the punishment delivered by this 1,000km event with its 161 laps and 3,703 corners.
Adrad cooling is trusted by leading V8 Supercar teams to help them achieve maximum engine performance.

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AAAE & CRE 2011

Posted June 17th, 2011

AAAEAdrad, Adair, Natrad and Harrop joined forces, exhibiting together at the biannual Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo and Crash Repair Expo, held across 3 days at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre in mid-May.

This huge trade-only event achieved a record attendance of 12,600 qualified trade visits - all coming to see the latest automotive products and services from around 400 Australian and international exhibitors.

Our team was inundated with a steady stream of visitors. Existing and potential trade and retail customers, suppliers, government officials and training providers were all keen to stop by to learn about our capabilities and discuss the newly released products on display.
Featured items included a new range of Delphi compressors for ADAIR and a new High Efficiency Adrad Alloy Core design for performance radiators. Harrop received plenty of attention with a preview of their newly developed Hurricane manifold for LS3 engines and examples of their exclusive, US-sourced, Forgeline wheels.

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Information for the Radiator Trade

Posted April 28th, 2011

As Australia's largest radiator manufacturer and supplier, Adrad considers it important to caution the radiator trade not to be misled by sellers of computer-based radiator quoting tools claiming to provide current Adrad pricing information.

Radshop online is the only electronic radiator catalogue and ordering program that displays current part numbers, latest fitment data and current prices for Adrad products.

All other electronic quoting tools…
- WILL NOT display all Adrad part numbers
- WILL NOT display current pricing information
- WILL NOT tell you if the product is actually available

You cannot make the best business decisions if you don't have accurate sources of information.
Radshop is made available without cost to Adrad account customers. In fact, trade customers who source products via Radshop receive additional cost savings when they order online.

If you want information about Adrad's current products and prices, latest fitment data, real-time stock availability and you want some extra cost saving benefits, then there's only one place to go!


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Adrad Industrial Radiator Manufacturing

Posted April 8th, 2011

The Adelaide suburb of Beverley is the home of Adrad’s Head Office, Tube Mill and one of our Industrial Radiator manufacturing facilities.
Industrial rads

Some of Australia’s largest radiator cores are produced here, using our own brass tube made on-site. This means we have ultimate control over the quality. The method of constructing a large industrial radiator is largely unchanged with tubes manually speared one-by-one through an array of copper, brass or steel flat fins. The variety of cores Adrad can produce is almost endless with specialist features such as hemmed fins and shielded tubes available for heavy duty applications. Sophisticated CAD technology allows components to be manufactured to tight tolerances for optimum performance, strength and durability. These large radiators will be installed in machinery worth millions of dollars to maintain the operations of Australia’s transport, construction and mining industries.

Call your local Adrad branch on 1800 882 043 or visit for more details.

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Folded Core Modular Radiators

Posted March 21st, 2011

\\NAS\Sales\Marketing\Pictures\Liam West-Product Photography 0309\CatCores_LS7337\CatCores\WebEmail_JPEGs\Cat_Cores_2417.jpgLarge mining vehicles and heavy construction equipment often use modular core design radiators. These offer significant maintenance benefits. When they become worn or damaged, the failed section of the radiator can be quickly isolated or replaced, reducing down-time for such expensive machinery.

Adrad supplies over 30 different modular cores to suit a variety of AMOCS, IMRM and CAT applications. Seals for these cores are also available from Adrad.
U:\Marketing\Mericor\Drawings, Photos & Suppliers Catalogues\#2 - Product Photos\zzz_IMAGES_EDITING_FOLDER\z_new_images_needing_approval_tifs\CatCores IMRM\IMRM_catcore_1.jpg\\NAS\Sales\Marketing\Pictures\Liam West-Product Photography 0309\CatCores_LS7337\CatCores\WebEmail_JPEGs\Cat_Cores_2422.jpg

Call your local Adrad branch on 1800 882 043 or visit for more details.

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Grommets for Modular Core Radiators

Posted March 15th, 2011

GWB10.jpgAdrad’s industrial cooling range includes much more than just large industrial radiators. They also supply a huge range parts for use in repairing radiators - from fittings and gaskets right through to full replacement cores.

Adobe SystemsOne of the newer products available is Adrad’s high quality rubber grommets specifically designed for use when repairing MESABI™ style modular core water radiators.
Made from high temperature resistant material, these durable rubber grommets are ideal for long service life in a variety of applications including vehicles and stationary equipment.
Call your local Adrad branch on 1800 882 043 or visit for more details.

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Refrigerant Charge Guides

Posted March 4th, 2011

ADAIR CHARGE GUIDEThe ADAIR Auto Air Products Refrigerant Charge Guide is now in its 3rd edition. The guide contains over 1200 vehicle listings plus compressor oil capacities and A/C system oil balancing instructions.

This handy little booklet is proving extremely popular with A/C technicians all around the country. Its compact size and heavy laminated construction make it ideal for use in the workshop environment.

AirCall your local Adrad branch on 1800 882 043 or visit for more details. conditioning workshops should call 1800-1-ADAIR for details.

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Breathe Easy with ADAIR

Posted , 2011

ADAIR CHARGE GUIDEMany modern cars have filters that remove dust, pollen and odours from air entering the cabin via the ventilation system. Over time, the filter becomes clogged and must be replaced regularly to keep your cabin air fresh and healthy.

ADAIR now carry a range of aftermarket cabin air filters to suit popular vehicles. These filters provide equivalent performance to original parts but for less cost. Ask your local mechanic or service technician to fit an ADAIR cabin filter. You'll enjoy fresh, clean air and cost savings too.

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More V8 Supercar teams Choose Quality in 2011!

Posted February 18, 2011

V8 supercarsSeason 2011 of V8 Supercar racing is about to begin.
All the teams strive to improve on their previous seasons by adjusting their car set-up for better performance and better results. No surprise, then, that the majority of V8 Supercar teams have chosen ADRAD cooling.

For many years, our Currumbin manufacturing facility has been making performance radiators and intercoolers for a variety of track and off-road race vehicles.

ADRAD Aluminium Alloy Performance Radiators provide the ultimate in temperature control for high performance engines. Preventing an engine from getting too hot means it will deliver more power and last longer.

Choose Quality – Ask for Adrad

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Mechanically Bonded Cores

Posted February 15, 2011

Mechanically Bonded radiator cores are ideal for super heavy duty cooling applications such as locomotive engines, haul trucks and power generation.

Adrad’s extremely strong tube-to-header construction (16mm steel) is combined with thick-walled brass tube (0.45mm) for maximum strength and reliability.

These cores withstand high pressure, vibration and thermal cycling over a long service life. Exceptional durability combines with high corrosion resistance for vastly reduced maintenance.

Click here for details. (PDF flyer)


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Rocklea Rebounds!

Posted February 8, 2011

Floods - Clean Up Day 2 16-01-11 022.jpgRadshop orders are now being processed from Rocklea.

Following January’s devastating floods, our Brisbane branch has been working earnestly to clean up and repair the damage caused by over 2m of water.

Phone and fax communications which had been diverted to Nerang are also reconnected.

We sincerely thank all our customers and friends who have helped and supported us through this time.


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Nobody does it better in Sydney!

Posted February 4, 2011

Smithfield.JPGAdrad’s Smithfield branch is dedicated to supporting the radiator industry in Sydney.

The Smithfield warehouse stocks a comprehensive range of quality cooling products including radiator assemblies, cores and auto air conditioning parts. 11 staff at the branch provide outstanding customer service while 7 local drivers feed products to customers in the greater Sydney area with 3 metro deliveries a day.

Country area customers are well catered for with deliveries in most areas overnight by 9am. Wollongong clients can take advantage of a same-day-delivery service offered once a day for urgent orders.
The experienced team at Adrad Smithfield understands that providing high quality local support and timely product delivery is critical to maintaining strong customer partnerships in the Sydney marketplace.
Sydney radiator repairers looking for the biggest range and best service can call Adrad toll-free on 1800 882 043.


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Posted January 25, 2011

Bruce Garland drives one of Australia’s toughest off-road racing machines through some of the harshest terrain on the planet.

Bruce and his navigator, Harry Suzuki, race an Isuzu Motorsports custom-modified D-Max Ute. They have amassed a collection of outright victories and class wins in Australasian Safari’s plus a class win and 11th outright in the formidable Dakar Rally.


To cope with the extreme heat of desert racing, Bruce chooses Adrad cooling products. The D-Max utilises a specially designed cooling package which is mounted behind the cabin (for protection). The Adrad High Performance Alloy radiator is extremely effective at controlling engine temperature whilst enduring punishing race conditions. During severe stages of the 2010 Australasian Safari, Bruce reported that the D-Max was operating well below the temperature of competitor vehicles.

The D-Max is also equipped with race-bred Harrop Aluminium brake calipers which provide the stopping power needed to pull this world-class 4x4 racer down from speeds approaching 200kph.

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Queensland Floods - January 2011

Posted January 14, 2011

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all our customers and staff affected by the recent floods.
Business and life in general can be tough enough without the impact of such events.
To all our customers affected by the floods, we advise that we will support you in any way we can in these difficult times – please contact your local Branch Manager to discuss your individual circumstances.
Whilst our Rocklea (Brisbane) Branch was impacted by the floods, we have been able to continue operations and the supply of product from our Nerang facility. Our other Queensland Branches have not been impacted and continue to operate as normal.

Adrad and the employees of the Adrad Group have initiated a fundraising effort to donate to the QLD Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.

If you wish to donate to the QLD Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal you can do so by visiting

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