The Adrad group of companies are focused and committed to excellence in the manufacture, research and development of industrial product to provide cooling solutions to keep vehicles and equipment working in the harsh and diverse Australian climate.

Adrad have developed many innovative cooling solutions to ensure that equipment operating in the earthmoving, mining, power generation, heavy transport, materials handling, marine and agricultural sectors remains working more efficiently for longer periods. The result of these developments for the operator is greater efficiency, less down time which in turn equates to savings and greater profitability for the vehicle or equipment operator.

Industrial Equipment

Adrad's Innovative Thinking

Adrad is committed to innovative thinking and continuous improvement directed at solving the difficulties that industrial vehicle and equipment operators encounter due to climatic and harsh operating conditions.

The result of this research, innovation and development can be seen in our recently released Adshield core. The Adshield core has been designed to combat sand blasting in earthmoving machinery - a problem that many equipment operators encounter that greatly reduces the efficiency and operating life of conventionally built radiators.